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1 150-year long production of navigational charts 16th century 16th century maps 17th century cartography 17th century insular maps 17th century maps 1864 18th century 18th-20th centuries 19th cent. greek state mapping 19th century 19th century cartography of greece 19th century polish maps 2 2006 3 3d 3d digital modeling 3d digital modelling 3d digitizing 3d globes 3d map 3d map arduino 3d model 3d modelling 3d models 3d reconstruction 3d recording 3d representation 3d representations 3d virtual city modelling 3d visualization 3d-perspective transformation a abū al-fidā’ academic libraries access accessibility accuracy accuracy assessment accuracy measurement accuracy testing adige river adige valley adige‐valley/etschtal aegean archipelago aegean archipelago mapping aerial photo aerial photographs aerial photography aerial photos aesthetic aspect of cartographic works affective cartography africa afriterra age of discovery agricultural history agrippa al-khwarizmī altimetry altinum america analysis analytical bibliography ancient aegae ancient arabia ancient cartography ancient geography ancient india ancient macedonia ancient maps ancient olympia ancient road networks andreas bureus andrzej pograbka annotation annotations annual precipitations’ sums anthimos gazis map of greece anthropology of emotions antique cartography antonine itinerary antonio nibby apostle paul’s journeys application of gis applications apuan coast aqueduct arab geography arc/info (esri) arcgis archaeological cartography archaeological databases archaeological mapping archaeology archeology architecture archival maps archival research archive archive maps archives archiving archivio di stato di roma arhinet arno river art and cartography art deco artificial intelligence assembling atl@s portal atlas atlas cartosemiotics atlas conception atlas digitizing atlas suisse or meyer - weiss atlas atlases attica maps augmented reality austrian surveys austrian topographic surveys austro-greek 19th cent. cartography automatic maps comparison automatic vectorization avenza b baltic commission mapping baltic sea barcelona baroque heritage battle of lepanto beirut best fitting best fitting process best practices bible bibliographic bibliographic referencing bibliography bike touring bildplanwerke bird’s‐eye views biruni black sea bohemia bologna book scanning book trade bordone isolario born digital maps bound maps bounding box bruges byzantine architecture byzantium c cabreo cadastral cartography cadastral heritage cadastral map cadastral maps cadastre cadastres calibration camocio campagna romana campulung depression candia carta marina cartobibliography cartodiversity cartographer karel kuchař cartographic cartographic activities cartographic analysis cartographic animation cartographic culture heritage cartographic databases cartographic deformations cartographic documentation cartographic heritage cartographic journals cartographic materials cartographic projection cartographic relief cartographic representation changes cartographic sphere cartographic styles cartography cartography 1570-1900 cartography and art cartography and children cartography potential cartoheritage cartometric analysis cartometric analysis of maps cartometric methods cartometry cartomundi cartosemiotic heritage cassini cassini map cassini projection castles catalog cataloging catalogue catalogue and reference services delivery services catalogues cataloguing cd-atlas celestial globe celestial globes central library of zurich cesium channels network of milan chart production charta (map) of greece charta’s two typologies charts chateaux check points china chinese chinese traditional cartography christian cosmogram chrysanthos notaras cistercian architecture city city plan cityscape civitates orbis terrarum classical texts classification classification technologies claudius ptolemy close range photogrammetry cluj-napoca coastal dynamic coastal dynamics coastal plain of grosseto (italy) coastline comparison cognitive map collaboration collaborative project collaborative projects community mashups como comparative analysis comparative analysis: best fitting process computer vision computing conceptual modelling conditional adjustment calculation conic projections conrad morant constantinople-istanbul constellations consultation content changes contentdm continuous map coordinate data coordinate systems copying corfu corine land cover coronelli correction grid correlation analysis critical heritage studies croatia croatian history museum cross-staff crowdsourcing cultural heritage cultural identity cultural interactions and exploration before columbus cultural landscape cultural memory cultural property curvature charpathians curve fitting cyclades cyprus czech historical atlas czech republic czechia d danube floods danube river darfur data data acquisition data integration data management data matching data processing data security data warehouse database databases datum daugavpils david rumsey dcmi box de l'isle dealul piscului 1930 deformations delaunay triangulation delisle map tradition denmark maps deskan express 5.0 detectproj diary didactics dig digital digital access digital access to map digital access to maps digital archaeology digital archive digital archives digital cartographic technologies digital collection access digital collection management digital collections digital conservation of maps digital exhibits digital facsimile digital files digital globe digital heritage digital historical map libraries digital humanities digital images digital libraries digital map digital map collection digital map collections digital map comparison digital map libraries digital map library digital maps digital photogrammetry digital preservation digital processing digital processing and gis digital production line digital reconstruction digital relief comparison digital representation digital resources digital surface model (dsm) digital technologies digital technologies and historic maps digital terrain model digital transparency digitalization digitazion digitisation digitised old maps digitising of maps digitization digitization of map collection digitization of maps digitization of old maps digitization projects digitize digitized map collections digitizing digitizing device digitizing errors digmap dinaburg dissemination distortion analysis distortion grid distortion visualization dml document image analysis documentation drainage drosinos family dry stone walls dtm dtm (digital terrain model) dublin core dudley stamp dufourkarte dutch cartography dutch colonization dynamic information systems dynamic maps dynamics of coastline e ead/eac standards early 20th century cartography early cartography early geological maps early globes early map early printers and publishers échelles du levant economic and social history edinburgh education educational cartography educational programmes for refugees educational programs egyptian geographic society eharta eighteen-century gazettes eighteenth century cartography eighteenth-century studies elba island electronic atlas electronic catalog emotional cartographies emotional geographies environmental history equidistant conic projection erasmus plus ka2 xenios zeus programme eratosthenes erm errors erwin raisz etschtal euler european cartography event maps exhibition exohes extensible markup language (xml) external orientation f f. f.j.j. kreibich facsimile feature extraction feature interpretation feature type federated map search fernando consag – croata varasdinensis fields fire insurance maps first editions first geodetic map first military survey fisheye-lens map projections flat representation fligely flood controlling flood dynamics flood risk floor maps flowmaps fluvial landscape folding screens of rakuchū rakugai-zu fortress fortresses fountains four-finger map france francesco beccari franz von weiss fuzzy modeling g gaetan palma gateway gazetteer gazetteers general athanasios daskarolis generalkarte geo data (os) geo portal geo-coding geo-data geo-localization geo-processing geo-reference geo-referencing geoblacklight geodatabase geodb geodetic datum geodetic reference system geodex 2.0 geographia geographic geographic analysis geographic information geographic information infrastructure geographic information system geographic information systems geographic information systems (gis) geographic search geographic searching geographical description geographical feature geographical interface geographical name geographical searching geographical tables geography geohistory portal. geoinformatics geoinformation geolibrary geolocating geological maps geomatics geometric transformation geometric transformations geoparser geoplaza geoportal georeference georeferenced georeferenced data georeferencer georeferencing georeferencing of maps geospatial collection development policies (gcdps) geospatial collections geospatial intelligence geostrategic maps geotemporal visualization geotiff geoview geo‐referencing german maps of greece giovanni antonio magini gis gis analysis gis dynamization gis users giulio aleni glam globe globe digitising globe manuals globes google earth google maps gps position grand duchy of tuscany graphic map scale greater germania greater poland greek cartographic heritage greek enlightenment greek lighthouse network greek state cartography gregorian cadastre gregoriano cadastre grid line shapes ground control points gsa-cartographic heritage archives gsb guillaume le testu h h. kiepert habsburg cadastre habsburg cartography habsburg empire hachure hamidye quarter handwritten text recognition harmless digitization harvard map collection heraklion map heritage heritage buildings heritage datasets hgis hierarchical matching hipparchus historic cartography historic maps historic pnoa historic topographic maps historical historical address data historical boundary data historical cadastral maps historical cadastre historical cartographies historical cartography historical census data historical city centres historical data historical data information system historical evidence historical features historical geocoding historical geographic data historical geographical names historical geography historical gis historical hydrography historical iconographic materials historical landscape historical map historical maps historical maps and plans historical methods historical photographs historical seismology historical textual data historical topographic maps historical views history history of cartography history of isolarii history of maps history of science history on cartography holy land homogenization of cartographic data hungari-an heritage prize hungarian military mapping group hungary hydrographic network hydrography hydrological maps hydrology hyperborea hypsometry hystorical topographic map i i military survey iconography ign image enhancing image matching image processing image-processing images imperfection implementation index sheets indexes indexing information and communication technologies (icts) information retrieval information system information systems architectures information technology ing. pétré ing. raseau innovation institutional collaboration institutional repositories institutional repositories - ir instruction insurance maps integrated museum system m++ integration inter-institutional cooperation interactive gazetteer interactive museum exhibits interactive online platform interactive tools interface international cartographic association internationality of cartographic heritage internet internet access of maps internet accessibility interoperability intersit inundation map islamic cartography iso19115 italy j j. kokkides j. laurenberg j. ritter von scheda maps j. van meur jan luyts javascript apis johann caspar von orelli johannes vermeer jpeg2000 k kesztejhegy 1890 kirilov kitab-i bahriye kml kolozsvár kunstmann ii kyoto l lady neaga land cover changes land cover maps land register land surveyor land use maps land utilization land-surveying techniques landmarks landscape large format carthography large format scanner lasarus laser scanner laser scanning late 19th and early 20th century cartography late antique cartography late medieval and renaissance nautical charts late renaissance latgale latitude chart lazarettos legend leonardo da vinci leopoldo de claricini-dornpacher lgia (latvian geospatial information agency) libraries lidar (airborne laser scanning) lighthouse functionality limes linguistic descriptions linked data linked open data literary cartography literary supply literature local dialect local transformation location aware systems location-based services long term preservation long-term conservation longitude lower california (baja california) lucas janszoon waghenaer m m. klaudyan machine learning madrid main maps malaria målebordsblade malta man-made geographical feature management manuscript cartography manuscript map manuscript maps manuscripts map map accuracy map analysis map and geoinformation curatorship map annotation map archives map archiving map cataloguing map circulation map collections map comparison map curatorship map database map databases map design map digitising map digitization map exhibits map history in schools map libraries map library map library users map mashup map of climate map projection map projections map projections of old charts map reconstruction map registration map scanning map series map service map services map texts map tiles map use map-drawing map-reading experience map/gis libraries mapanalyst mapire maplibrary mappa mundi mapping mapping of south eastern europe mapping the balkans maprank maps maps and children maps and education maps archiving maps cataloguing maps digitizing maps embedded in books maps in teaching marc 034 marc21 marina di carrara maritime maps mark-up languages marosvásárhely stereographic projection mars cartography mash-ups mashup matching mathematical geography matteo ricci media map medicine medieval charts mediterranean islands mediterranean sea meleda memory map mental map messolonghi metadata metadata schemes metadata. metaphysics methodologies mgcp migration military cartography military mapping military maps military operations military surveys minard mobile devices mobile guide mobility model modeling modeling of history modelling modern maps monograph moon cartography moravia mosaicking mountains and cloisters müller’s map of bohemia multi-agent technology multicriteria multilevel modelling multilingual and multiformat databases multimedia tourist guide multiple sheet map series multivariate statistics murdoch museum n napoleonic cadastre national geographic institute national library of egypt national library of latvia national library of serbia nato natural geographical feature natural language processing nautical charts navigational charts navigational methods of the discoveries period niccolò nelli nineteenth century cartography non-contact 1:1 digitization north aegean north america norway numeric optimization numerical analysis of maps nuova carta geografica dello stato ecclesiastico o o. dapper objects ogc services old old geological map old globes old hydrographic originals old map old maps old methods of chart production old sea charts old topographic maps olomouc on-line accesible information system on-line accessibility online applications online catalogues online editor online map online maps online presentation of digitized map collection online publication online publishing ontology open open access open data open source open source software open source. open-source openlayers openstreetmap optimal fitting orbis arctoi ordnance survey (os) orienteering maps oronce finé ortelius orthoimage orthoimages orthophoto orthophoto maps outreach oval projections overlay p painting paleochannels pannonian basin pantograph paper map sets parallel view periploi periplus of the pontus euxinus pertinence phase photogrammetry photographs photomaps pictorial maps picture map pierre lapie pilgrim trails pinax piri reis pisa ‐ livorno plain place name place names place-names planetary cartography planimetric accuracy plans po river delta point symbols poland policies policy political atlas polybius polynomial. population census portal portal site portolan charts portolans postal cartography postal routes pre-geodetic cartography precipitation prehistoric and early historic maps prehistoric maps preparation of cartographic work preservation prime meridians processes processing project management projection analysis projectionless maps projections projective geometry property maps property registers prospective views simulation protection pseudo-arrian ptolemaic map ptolemaic reference system ptolemy ptolemy maps ptolemy's geography ptolemy’s coordinates ptolemy’s geographia ptolemy’s map public health publishing q qianlong beijing map quantification r rare maps raster to vector re-topographic mapping recogito reconstruction reconstruction of maps’ reference system reduced size maps reference system reconstruction refugee / migrant flows regression rehabilitation and reconstruction of tsunami affected areas reliability relief models relief shading renaissance city maps research research centre retrogressive method reuleaux triangle reusing rigas charta rigas velestinlis rigas velestinlis charta righas charta sheets righas velestinlis righas velestinlis charta rio de janeiro risk communication river geomorphology river training roads robotic arm robust adjustment method roma tre university roman centuriation roman dacia roman itineraries romania rome royal library of belgium rue des campagnes russia russian maps s s. münster saac county salonika sanborn map company scale scale defining scanner scanning school atlases schools scientific edition scientific information service sdi sdi (ide) sea chart of the gulf of riga searchengine second military survey secondary education secondary school semantic web serbia series mapping series maps settlement development settlements sfm shape recognition shubert map siegfried map signs and symbols silesia sixteenth-century small scale social media analysis software sommarioni (property registers) south east europe maps south moravia spanish mediterranean coasts spanish royal sites spatial adjustment spatial analysis spatial cognition spatial data infrastructure spatial distribution of longitude and latitude differences spatial literacy spatio-temporal change spatio-temporal gis spatio-temporal mapping spot height ssdi (idee) stadiasmus of the great sea standard parallels standard web services standards state archives in zadar states of the map statistics stereo 33 strasbourg in 16th cent. streets stretching strokes structure from motion structure from motion (sfm) subject repository suggestions supervised classification survey symbols szathmáry szatmáry t tabula peutingeriana tag clouds teachers training programmes teaching and learning teaching history teaching with maps technical archive technology temap temporal tentamen geograficum terminology terminology changes territory based search texeira text analysis text annotation/analysis textual data texturized dtm the grand duchy of lithuania the map collection the web thematic cartography thematic maps theory of cartography thessaloniki three-dimensional representations three-verst maps timeline tin tisza river tithe maps tobler topographic map of astronomers of brera (1:1000) topographic mapping topographic maps topography toponym detection toponyms touristic itineraries town plans townscape management traditional city cartography traditional local records transformation transformation or re-projection of maps transformations transylvania travelogues trentino tuscan coast tuscan coastal tuscany tutorials twin hemispherical world map u unesco unifil urban arrangement urban development urban history urban maps urban maps digital urban morphology urban space urban topography urban transformation usability usefulness user acceptance users research utm-wgs84 utrecht v vague spatial descriptions van keulen vector data model vectorization vectorization algorithms vedute painting venetian crete venice venice national archive vespucci views virtual geomodels virtual globe virtual globes virtual landscapes virtual reality virtual restoration of maps virtual subject library virtual technology visual knowledge aggregation visual materials visualisation visualization visualization of culture heritage visualization techniques visualizer volunteering research w wallachia warsaw pact water management projects water survey web 2.0 web application web atlas web based access to maps. web cartography web gis web map web map application web map service web map services web map thessaloniki web map tile service web mapping 2.0 web mapping application web platform web portals web publishing web services web sites for children web-mapping web-mapping applications web-portals web-services webgis webgis portal webgl webmapping wien kulturgut wikidata william gell wms world map wwii x x3d xiang-shan county xix century xviii century cartography z zadar zeeland zij zijes


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