VGM 2.0 - Virtual Globes Museum

This virtual exhibition is intended to present the earth and celestial globes made in or related to Hungary.

The site uses WebGL with the X3DOM framework to view the virtual globes. If your browser fails to display the 3D models, it is advisable to upgrade to a newer browser version.

Installing Google Earth is also recommended to reach all functions of the museum.


Clicking the "Globes" menu will show you the list of the currently available globes with their primary properties. Selecting an item from the list will load the globe's 3D model.

The list can be shortened by defining searching criteria. The results will include all the records in which the specified data field contains the word fragment typed into the "Search" textbox.

Detailed information of the globes can be present in various languages. Please click on the language you prefer at section "Detailed information". Detailed data sheets also include a link to a Google Earth file of the globe.

Virtual Globes Museum

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